Build a better workforce through diversity.

We start by understanding how you’d like to improve diversity in your organization and customize a multilayered approach to help reach your specific goal. Then, we work to deliver on that goal through a combination of outreach and talent attraction, diversity recruiting best practices, proprietary technology, and robust metrics and reporting.

What diversity means to us.

Duke Staffing is committed to fostering an inclusive environment, where different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are valued and where everyone can contribute, grow their careers, and thrive. We believe diversity goes beyond ethnicity and gender. It includes things that are visible and those that are not—a person’s age, veteran status, ability, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and so much more. These differences help create a more dynamic and innovative workplace. We embrace them all.

Our diversity solution delivers.

Self-reported talent demographics

We collect voluntary data points from talent on ethnicity, gender identity, ability, veteran status, age, neurodiversity, and LGBTQIA+. Our response rate for new talent applicants is 98%.

Customizable diversity goal-setting

Share what your company wants to achieve with diversity, and we will create a recruiting plan to attract and source candidates for your specific needs.

Diversity hiring team

All our recruiters are trained on topics like diversity recruiting best practices and mitigating unconscious bias. They are also supported by Diversity Hiring Specialists, who focus on attracting and developing talent pipelines and identifying candidates for specific client roles.

Proactive talent outreach

We use a number of best practices to attract talent—eliminating biased language in job descriptions, reaching talent through the Professional Diversity Network, colleges and universities, and other organizations, and engaging our Diversity Hiring Team.

Proprietary recruiting tools

We use the voluntary data points we’ve collected to develop a diverse candidate pool—always protecting candidate privacy and following legal and ethical recruiting practices.

Robust reporting

Our reports can help you understand the composition of your candidates on an aggregate level. Using this data, we can help you identify opportunities to enhance the diversity of your team.

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