While it’s about the people, finding the right fit can be difficult. Duke Staffing offers contract-to-hire staffing services to determine if an employee is a perfect fit for the position by allowing our clients to observe the employee on the job. Once the contract period is complete, you can hire the employee on a permanent basis with your organization.

Finding a contractor and then hiring them full-time is the perfect combination. Without the long-term commitment on the front end of the employment relationship, employees can get right to work and get the ball rolling sooner.

Elements of Contract-to-Hire:

  • DUKE STAFFING identifies the candidate
  • Initially, DUKE STAFFING acts of employer of record; after an agreed-upon period of time you act as the employer of record
  • The employee works under your direction
  • You have no minimum volume requirements for number of hires
  • You achieve superior results when compared to using a recruiting generalist
  • If you terminate the employee, your obligation to DUKE STAFFING ends, you have no additional recruiting fee
  • You may convert the employee using previously agreed-upon terms after the agreed-upon time period
  • We will work with you to find a combination of duration, markup, and conversion terms that fit your needs. The shorter the duration, the higher the markup.

Consider this option if:

  • You lack technical recruiting capabilities in-house
  • You value your time and can make more profit focusing on your core competency (and letting us focus on ours)
  • You need to grow in a predictable, reliable manner

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